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Patrick Gust

Client Service Director & Multimedia Producer B.A.


Hi, I'm Patrick - I've studied Multimedia Production in Kiel - where i grew up and lived for about 36 Years. Now I live and work in Hamburg as a Client Service Director for lot's of different Clients and well chosen Projects. 

I'm firmly convinced that it is important to lead small and big projects from the beginning on with detailed planning and of course also some flexibility. 

Big Effort from scratch prevent more stress and money as required if you do it right with a well elaborated Briefing and Kickoff. That's why Projects whom i responsable for are always in time.

No matter what comes around the Corner.

I do always find a solution that safes money to fulfil your requests and Projects.

Invest in me. 


Expertise & Skills


Without Applications & SaaS your Business isn't that successful like it could be. That's why i'm interested in combining all steps in e-commerce Marketing. No doubt. 

Responsive & mobile Design

Websites have to be mobile and responsive to fulfil the customers request 24/7 doesn't matter when or what. That's why i develop & create high performance usability websites only. 

Project Management

Nothing is possible without a well planned but flexible Projectmanagement. Deadlines are not that bad...non transparency is. 

Social Media

Cross Channel Marketing via Social Media is essential and  economically reasonable in these times. Advertising is needed to get leads. 

Ambient Media

Offline marketing via Ambient Media are as near as you can get into contact with your customers and potential clients. Multi-Channel is the key to success. 

Public Relations

Do you know...? No! Think about it. 

i didn't say it will be easy...but




i will answer your request in a nick of time